Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Got Hammered at Hardwick's (more than just a T-Shirt)

Well, I am figuring more out about these pages.

We have T-Shirts at Hardwicks. "I Got Hammered at Hardwick's" is one of the favorites. The Pix above show some of the reasons why:-)

We have over 100 kinds of hammers (not just 100 hammers, over 100 KINDS of hammers. For jewelry, geology, woodworking (LOTS for woodworking) Auto repair, Iron mongering... Hammers of Titanium, Steel, Wood, Plastic and home made creations. New and used, like most the rest of the store.

Come in and get Hammered (and Houseware'd, Furniture'd, Pluming'd, Hardware'd and more:-) Have a great week. G.R.