Sunday, March 16, 2008

Norwescon Hardwick's Promotion - Rules

Hi there:-)
If you attended Norwescon (, here are some notes about bringing in your flier to Hardwick's to see if you have won anything.
We are open 8am-6pm M-F and 9am-6pm Sat (closed Sunday). I am normally there from 4-6 PM if you would like to chat with me directly.
4214 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle (U-District) WA 98105. 206-632-1203.

We want to introduce you to Hardwick's. That's why we came up with this offer, to get you interested in coming by and as a way of supporting one very cool event (NWC). Once in to our little piece of chaotic heaven, we feel you will recognize what a wonder the place is. Knowing Hardwick's is its own reward:-)

About the promotion:
1st: Void where prohibited by law. No forgery allowed. No more than a couple of fliers per person. Not redeemable for cash.
2nd: You must bring in your flier (no calling and asking "My number was xxxx, did I win?" No coming in and saying "I don't have my flier but my number was xxxx, did I win? Please, be real. We are.)
3rd: We will mark all fliers presented as being shown.
4th: All winners will need to leave their name and contact info. (We don't sell your info., We're not that organized.)
5th: Promotion ends... oh, how about the 30th of April, 2008.

Thanks, G.Robin Smith (aka in the store as "G.R.")

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Customer Question: How to make Chain Mail

(A customer came in and asked about making Chain Mail (think Lord of the Rings, or most any Medieval movie; that flowing ringed armor people wear... that's chain mail.) We at Hardwick's pride ourselves on having at least some tooling for just about every trade and hobby in the world, and Chain Mail is no exception.:-)

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 8:49 AM, Rob wrote:

Hello Mr. Smith,
My name is Rob. I was in Hardwick's last weekend picking up some
tools for making chain maile. You mentioned you had some great web
links that would help to figure out the process. If you have time I
would love to check them out.
Thanks for your time,
Rob H.

So, this is basically my email back to him.

Hi Rob, G.R. here. Thanks for writing. I remember our conversation well and am happy to recommend some sites.

There are some classes offered on how to make chain mail. Write me for current locations.
has an intro that looks easy to understand.
(page 2 of this site has a link to silversmithing. I did not check it out, but may have jewelery info for light duty chain mail.) Armor grade links that my wife orders from for her classes on the subject.
has lots of Weblinks and instruction connections.

And lastly,
Click on the "Combat" link, then scroll down to the various Chain Mail links and have fun:-)

There are many sites out there in addition to the ones I include.
If you want more sites, try Googleing "Chain Mail" "Chain Maille" "Chainmail" or "Chainmaille" as they are all variations on the name.

But the best deal would be to try and take a hands on class.

Let me know if you need more information.

Best, GregRobin (G.R.) from Hardwick's
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