Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The People of Hardwick's

"Hey! Anyone here know where this customer can find ____"?

You may hear that upon occasion at Hardwick's. We are not afraid to admit we don't know what a specialty tool is (it doesn't often happen, but when it does, we don't hem and haw about it.). Often, another customer will pipe up "yea, that's what I do. What you need is ..." and off they go. We like that about our place. Casual, rough, professional but not chic. We don't go in for corporate branding with matching vests. What we do feature is an ethic for getting you what you need, having a superior selection of world class tools and a variety of experiences to help you cobble together what you need to get on with your day and project.

Bill Hardwick: Furniture, Big Tools, main buyer for that kind of stuff. Chemistry and Russian are two of his interests.

Dean Hardwick: Knows more about hand tools than most mortals. Also speaks a bit of Rus.

Lloyd, Manager: Speaks Plumbing. Very important translator.

Wade: Store 'Mascot': Everyone thinks he's the owner. Ancient, Arcane and useful information storehouse. Pipes.

Chris: Woodworking specialist, especially history of woodworking and older tools.

Dane: Stains and Hardware.

Darcy: Hardware and Bar keeping questions.

Brandon: Drawing.

Scott: Bicycles

John: Woodworking

MB: Do it Best ordering. Sports.

GR: Ben Franklin, Sonnets, Shakespeare, Theatre, Fundraising, Calligraphy and patching things together to get something that will work. Speaks a smattering of languages.

Together, our team can usually help you with what you need. If not, we will be entertaining in telling you where else you may be able to find what you need.

We're here to help. We hope we can. But we're not going to, unless you stop by or call.

So, we'll do our part if you do yours. Come on in.

Best, GR

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Karen G. Anderson said...

You know, this blog would be a great place for an "Identify this hardware item" contest...