Sunday, March 16, 2008

Norwescon Hardwick's Promotion - Rules

Hi there:-)
If you attended Norwescon (, here are some notes about bringing in your flier to Hardwick's to see if you have won anything.
We are open 8am-6pm M-F and 9am-6pm Sat (closed Sunday). I am normally there from 4-6 PM if you would like to chat with me directly.
4214 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle (U-District) WA 98105. 206-632-1203.

We want to introduce you to Hardwick's. That's why we came up with this offer, to get you interested in coming by and as a way of supporting one very cool event (NWC). Once in to our little piece of chaotic heaven, we feel you will recognize what a wonder the place is. Knowing Hardwick's is its own reward:-)

About the promotion:
1st: Void where prohibited by law. No forgery allowed. No more than a couple of fliers per person. Not redeemable for cash.
2nd: You must bring in your flier (no calling and asking "My number was xxxx, did I win?" No coming in and saying "I don't have my flier but my number was xxxx, did I win? Please, be real. We are.)
3rd: We will mark all fliers presented as being shown.
4th: All winners will need to leave their name and contact info. (We don't sell your info., We're not that organized.)
5th: Promotion ends... oh, how about the 30th of April, 2008.

Thanks, G.Robin Smith (aka in the store as "G.R.")

-30-= ###

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